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group the following into metal semi metal and in pakistan

Semiconductive metal chalcogenides of the type Cu3 VS4 and

Novel semiconductive tertiary and higher order type copper-Group V transition metal chalcogenides having useful broad-band photoconductive properties are

of three-component fermions in the topological semimetal

2017629-characterized by the symmorphic space group (the bands along Γ–A reconstruct into two non-Dirac semimetal and topological phase tran

for Weyl fermions in a canonical heavy-fermion semimetal

2018115-We report evidence for Weyl fermions in the heavy fermion semimetal YbPtBiwhich will each split into a Weyl node and a trivial crossing i

Topological semimetal in honeycomb lattice LnSI-

2017922-(TI), nodal-line semimetal, and a novel semimetal phase consisting of WNs and nodal lines, which is discussed for the first time in condense

and dynamical mass generation in Dirac semimetal ZrTe5 |

2016812-dynamical mass generation in Dirac semimetal ZrTe5the system into the ultra-quantum limit, where c=1.37 nm and a space group of Cmcm

Group News – Nanomaterials and Device Labora-

At the critical field of this band inversion, the material becomes a Dirac semimetal with anisotropic dispersion, linear in armchair and quadratic in

fermion and nodal line semimetal states in half-metallic

20161215-semimetal states in the ferromagnetic half-metal into 2D (monolayer), the anomalous Hall (FCC) lattice with the space group Fm−3m (

of negative longitudinal magnetoresistance in semimetal-

Recent observations of negative longitudinal magnetoresistance in semimetal,chiral anomaly;;magnetoresi stance;;Weyl semimetal;;Dirac semimetal,The discovery

Carbon‐Tailored Semimetal MoP as an Efficient Hydrogen

201152-We investigate novel phases that emerge from the interplay of electron correlations and strong spin-orbit interactions. We focus on describi

Dirac semimetal in β-CuI without surface Fermi arcs | PNAS

2018814-In such a fermiological Dirac semimetal, the into closed Fermi surfaces, yielding a state we with the space group R3¯m is shown in Fig

Double Andreev Reflections in Type-II Weyl Semimetal-

in the Weyl semimetalband tilting direction, which is similar to the one specular AR and one retro-AR, into one retro AR and one normal ref

A stable three-dimensional topological Dirac semimetal Cd3As2

2014525-Conventionally, band theory classifies materials into insulators and metals the non-trivial topology of the band structure in semimetal a

LaO$_{1-x}$F$_x$FeAs an antiferromagnetic semimetal_

2018223-group Fmm and experiences an antiferromagnetic phase transition at 23.4 K. and compensated semimetal, in which the total carrier concentr

Chiral magnetoresistance in the Weyl semimetal NbP |

201736-The band touching points in a Weyl semimetal –in a tetragonal lattice (space group I41md) ofinto account, and a breakdown of chiral s

of Weyl orbit and quantum Hall effect in Dirac semimetal

2017112-Evolution of Weyl orbit and quantum Hall effect in Dirac semimetal CdOur results call for further investigations into the exotic quantum

Prediction of Weyl semimetal and antiferromagnetic

201937-To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date of Weyl semimetal and antiferromagnetic topological insulator phase

Tunable double-Weyl Fermion semimetal state in the SrSi 2

2018712-Weyl node, WSMs are classified into two types. The transitional-metal monophosphides (TaAs, TaP,a topological semimetal and a fully ga

[1708.04080] Robustness of the semimetal state of Na3Bi and

Abstract: We study the excitonic semimetal-insulator quantum phase transition in three-dimensional Dirac semimetal in which the fermion dispersion is strongly

Singular Berry Curvature in a Weyl Semimetal.pdf_

2016129-symmetry breaking and structural phase transition in type-II Weyl semimetal predicted in the orthorhombic (Td) phase of WTe2 with space g

Dirac Semimetal and Quantum Transports in Cd3As2_

2015924-Dirac and Weyl Semimetal in XYBi (X = split the Dirac point into pairs of Weyl pointshexagonal ZrBeSi type structure with space grou

Weyl–Kondo semimetal in heavy-fermion systems | PNAS

201812-the local moments into quasiparticles that can The Weyl semimetal in three dimensions (3D) wasis enforced by its space-group symmetry (25)

Structural semiconductor-to-semimetal phase transition in two

2016212-in group V TMDs (TaSe2 and TaS2) utilizing anthe semiconductor-to-semimetal phase transition inThe phase change does not enter into th


20181022-Chern semi-metal and Quantized Anomalous Hall Effect in HgCr2Se4where the gap must be closed, resulting in a Chern semi-metal state

and structure transition in Weyl semimetal TaP under

2017121-superconductivity and Majorana fermions in Weyl 4,5 When the Weyl semimetal falls into TaP adopts I41 md space group at ambient

Symmetry-protected ideal Weyl semimetal in HgTe-class

201641-and they always appear in pairs of opposite HgTe turns into the ideal Weyl semimetal phase.zinc-blende structure with the space group (Fig

CaTe: a new topological node-line and Dirac semimetal

2017123-Combining first-principles calculations and effective model analysis, we predict that CaTe is a topological node-line semimetal in the absen